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We are Spectral Soul Seekers. We are paranormal specialists. We use specialists rather than saying investigators or researchers because we do both. We do paranormal investigations (which are always free of charge) as well as research the paranormal field. We are based out of Chickamauga Ga. and Chattanooga Tn.  We will travel if needed for an investigation. The  original members are Jeff Holder- Founder and Dale Bearden - Co/ Founder. We seek the truth about the paranormal. Opening eye's in a new perspective to our world and the spirit world. We will be the ones to look to first with new techniques, research, and equipment in the Paranormal field. We will debunk the fraudulant and only present the truth, with factual evidence that has been documented with scientific evidence. We will go above and beyond for our clients at no cost, for all services we offer are completely free of charge. All findings are confidential between Spectral Soul Seekers and the client, only to be posted with written permission from the client.All content of this site is copyright and property of Spectral Soul Seekers. Nothing may be copied or used in any way without our expressed written permission. We check the internet for stolen pics, recording and other information from our site often and will take appropriate legal action for any unauthorized duplication or use